Renewable Energy for Investors

Traditional developers have reached an impasse.

A large majority of proposed energy projects throughout the northeast that are technically feasible are not being built. The problem is no more apparent anywhere in Massachusetts, where we have proposed over 800 Megawatts of various renewable energy projects but have actually built less than 40 Megawatts*.

Emergent helps renewable energy projects succeed in the real world. We eliminate the permitting hurdles that traditional renewable energy projects face by building local support within the community, mitigating risk for project investors and increasing your return on investment.

Proactive Engagement with the Community

Emergent starts by nurturing proactive conversations and community support through a public engagement process. We determine which projects will receive support by the community well before significant money is spent by investors.

Managed Incubation

Emergent manages the fundraising stage, from initial design to permitting. In return, investors will receive equity in the project level LLCs.

Guaranteed Profit

Once the projects are permitted, these projects are sold to an Independent Power Producer (IPP). The IPP will build, own, and operate the renewable energy systems for the long term.

Invest in Our Projects

If you are interested in learning more about what we are working on, give us a call at (617) 764-0206 or email us at profit (at)

*Based on data from the Energy Information Administration and the Department of Energy Resources

Emergent helps renewable energy projects succeed in the real world.

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