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The Suburban parked at a Shell Station in New Jersey, behind a new Prius.

The Administration is sanctioning (through the “Stimulus Bill”) payment to anyone who brings in their old car, and uses that payment toward a new car. The environmental and carbon impacts of this program is devastating. The amount of new carbon dioxide that shall be spewed into the atmosphere by the recycling of old cars and creation of new cars vastly outweighs simply driving our old clunkers until they die. Preferably, we would repair our cars until they have literally rusted away. The amount of carbon dioxide and new pollution that is tacked onto the production of a new automobile is burdensome. I wish the U.S. Government would consult scientists prior to passing these programs that are meant to “bolster the economy.”

Fun Commentary on this:

Brick Head & Awesomeness @ GAGA

Posted on June 4, 2009 under Emergent News, Humor, Sustainability,

Hey all – Greg and I treked down to the Garnerville Industrial Arts Center in West Haverstraw, New York (actually to take a headshot for me). The complex, which houses tons of artists and craftsmen, is called GAGA (SoHo of the north). It’s a fantastic place.

Wanna be in our Posse?!

Posted on April 13, 2009 under Emergent News, Energy Crisis, Energy Politics & Policy, Humor, New Energy Tech, Renewable Energy, Sustainability,

We’re starting a movement. The Emergent Posse is an online group/movement/community of highly-motivated community activists spread across the nation working to educate and empower communities and community leaders in order to implement real sustainability programs and projects. We’ve hit a paradigm shift: oil isn’t cheap, the planet has a fever, and the economy is in the toilet. I’ve heard smart people calling for BIG government intervention and Europe-styled Socialism. That’s not the answer here in America.

Net Metering Thread Part II, A Sock Story

Posted on January 28, 2009 under Emergent News, Energy Politics & Policy, Humor,

So I was hoping the Massachusetts Utilities and the state government would come to a conclusion about how to institute (define) the new net metering regulations stipulated in the Green Communities Act passed last year by the Massachusetts Legislature and the governor. Since they’re not quite there yet, I’ll stall and we can talk about Community Net Metering (CNM), or Neighborhood Net Metering (NNM) and why we haven’t done this sooner. For the sake of simplicity we’ll call it all CNM, and prepare yourself for an interesting blog post…

Marketing The Past, A New Challenge

Posted on December 14, 2008 under Energy Crisis, Energy Politics & Policy, Humor,

Remember when you were a little kid, watching t.v. with your parents and asking, “Daddy, what does coal do?” And he goes, “Well son, just watch the advertisement during the next commercial break, paid for by the coal lobbyist group.”

Me neither; maybe it’s because I grew up without t.v., or maybe it’s because these ads NEVER EXISTED BEFORE!

Mr. W

Posted on September 9, 2008 under Humor, Renewable Energy, Sustainability,

Click for the video.

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